Module Of The Month – October 2015



Rather than a straight copy and paste job from each magazine I thought I’d write a few words about each “Module Of The Month” from the past issues of my magazine. For Issue #1 I’d picked out the fantastic CP3 (or DTM as it now is) mixer from Manhattan Analog. I feel like I should start writing love songs to this thing. It comes up in conversations loads and I love them. Weird creepy love.


DivKid’s Month Of Modular – Issue #1

Back from October 2015 where my magazine / online newsletter “thingy ma-jig” started. Issue #1 brought together several ideas of sharing content and was the birth of my little magazine. Wasn’t she cute as a baby?

Module of the month was the Manhattan Analog CP3 mixer, interview was with RYO along with various bits of news and tidbits from around the web.

MAGAZINE HERE – PDF HERE (right click download / save as etc)